East Africa Tourist E-visa

This is a joint tourist visa, which allows the traveler access to Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. You can not get employment with this visa, it is solely for the purpose of tourism. The validity of this visa is 90 days, and can not be extended. Processing takes 7 working days. The visa processing fee cost N180,000, which includes the visa fee.


  1. Datapage
  2. Passpost photo
  3. Yellow fever card
  4. Flight itinerary
  5. Hotel reservation
  6. Statement of account

South Africa E-visa

The South African E-visa takes between 7 to 10 work days for processing and is valid for just 1 month. Visa is solely for the purpose of tourism and can not be used to secure a job. The Visa processing fee cost N180,000. which includes the visa fee.


  1. Datapage.
  2. Passport photo.
  3. Yellow fever card.
  4. 3 months Bank statement.
  5. Reference letter from bank.
  6. Self-introduction letter
  7. Marriage certificate(If applicable).
  8. Children’s birth certificate(If applicable).
  9. Company reference letter(If applicable).
  10. Flight itinerary.
  11. Hotel reservation.