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From economy to 1st class, from cheap fares to promo deals. We help find flights within that budget, our social media platforms are blazing with different deals, all you need do is follow us on any of our social media platforms to get 1st hand info on any deal available. If it’s out there, we would definitely get it for you. Corporate Bookings Corporate flight bookings, we have a strict policy at colossal travels & tours, we make sure we put the needs and urgency of our clients first, thereby compelling us to respond faster. Your wants, your needs, and your desires all roll up into one word, RESULTS. Which is what we offer at colossal travels & tours


At colossal travels and tours, we understand the need for professionalism and timing. We also understand the need and urgency of each trip, streamlining our visa services to suit the tight schedule of our clients is our topmost priority. Our Visa assist service is timely, affordable, and convenient. We understand the uniqueness of each application and we treat each application with professionalism. No matter the reason you need the visa, if you are legible, we will definitely make sure you get it. We also offer study abroad packages for undergraduate and graduate programs. Below are the countries in which we offer visa assist services Dubai London USA Canada Australia Schengen


Colossal travels and tours have been in the travel business for about 4 years now, after carefully analyzing the modern-day cargo business and the needs of clients, we successfully launched our cargo unit last year march. Since then, we have helped a few people convey their goods from Lagos, Nigeria to other parts of the globe. Our cargo services for now only includes taking goods from Lagos Nigeria to other parts of the world. We pick up from your location in Lagos, Nigeria. Since our inception 2 years ago, colossal travels and tours have also improved its services to suit the daily needs of our ever-growing client base. Colossal travels and tours, we take your goods wherever and wherever. See contact details if you would like us to handle your cargo needs.


After a very good flight, the only thing that can make your trip hell is a very bad hotel or not getting exactly what you paid for. Colossal travels and tours have partnered with hotels in countries where tourists love to visit. We search within your budget to give you your heart’s desire. With colossal travels and tours, what you see is what you get. We give you the best hotel deals, too good to pass. Hotels ranging from single rooms to suits and then apartments for a large family vacation. Whatever you need, we are here for you.